You Matter :: You Belong

InspireSong is a 4 day Christian songwriter retreat from May 16-19, 2019 in Aspen, CO. Something special happens when we make a commitment, depart our normal day to day lives, assemble together in common purpose and unity, and spend time with God. He speaks to us when we are in a place to listen.

What is Inspiresong?

InspireSong is a songwriter conference/retreat to be held in Aspen, CO May 16-19, 2019. founder, Keith Mohr created the Inspiresong brand in 2010. The first InspireSong retreat was held near Nashville, TN in 2010 and was a huge success! Keith was waiting for the right time and the right place to hold another event, and partnered with Crossroads Church in Aspen, CO and WORD Worship for the InspireSong Retreat. See a recap of our 2018 event here

Who is Inspiresong For?

InspireSong was created for aspiring and established songwriters who have a Christian worldview and faith and desire to further their creative giftings. InspireSong was also created to provide an opportunity for creatives to gather together to receive spiritual inspiration and practical information to utilize in their creative endeavors.

What will be covered?

We’ll cover topics such as creativity, craft, commerce, collaboration and more. We’ll conduct a group co-writing session with our mentors and attendees writing a new song together! Each mentor will share what they have learned in their journeys. We’ll have a panel discussion on the business of songwriting and how to generate revenue from your songs. We’ll pick songs that were submitted for the songwriting contest before the event and critique them live.


InspireSong is a collaboration between Word Worship, Crossroads Church of Aspen, Mohr Creative Group, and IndieHeaven.