InspireSong is a songwriter conference/retreat held in Aspen, CO in Mid May. founder, Keith Mohr created the Inspiresong brand in 2010. The first InspireSong retreat was held near Nashville, TN in 2010 and was a huge success! Keith was waiting for the right time and the right place to hold another event, and partnered with Crossroads Church in Aspen, CO.  InspireSong 2019 date is May 16-19, 2019

InspireSong was created for aspiring and established songwriters who have a Christian worldview and faith and desire to further their creative giftings. InspireSong was also created to provide an opportunity for creatives to gather together to receive spiritual inspiration and practical information to utilize in their creative endeavors.

We’ll cover topics such as creativity, craft, commerce, collaboration and more. We’ll conduct a group co-writing session with our mentors and attendees writing a new song together (always entertaining)! Each mentor will share what they have learned in their journeys. We’ll have a panel discussion on the business of songwriting and how to generate revenue from your songs. We’ll pick songs that were submitted  before the event or have attendees perform them live, and critique them. (a great learning experience!)

Yes! We’ll have time for attendees to mingle, and we’ll have an open mic on one of the evenings during the event. We’re all about creating community at InspireSong!

Fly into Denver, then you can rent a car, or you can grab a shuttle and let someone else drive and enjoy the ride. You can also take a connecting flight into Aspen. It’s quite the ride and quite the view! We’ll do our best to connect registrants to one another to buddy up on a rental car, and or make arrangements for a shuttle. Contact us if you need assistance getting to InspireSong!


If you are driving from Denver Airport to Aspen, Rte 82 over Independence Pass may still be closed until after the retreat because of late season snowstorms. Plan on taking I-70 West out of Denver, to Rte 82 East at Glenwood Springs, CO, which takes you right into Aspen. Its about a 4 hour drive.

We have arranged for lodging at a wonderful lodge near the church. The Annabelle Inn. We have special pricing that is so low, there’s no excuse not to come to Aspen for InspireSong! You can rent a room as a single, double, triple or even quad occupancy. The more people in the room, the less per person! So, buddy up and save! Make this event a special time to create new friends! More info on our Registration Page

NOTE: Do not attempt to reserve a room through Expedia or any other travel website. They will display rooms as being sold out. We have blocked ALL rooms for InspireSong and you MUST contact the Annabelle Inn directly to get the discounted event rate and to reserve your room.

Yes! We are happy to offer discount registration for 3 or more people registering at the same time. There will also be special “spouse/parent/non-songwriting friend” pricing at a greatly reduced rate! More info on our Registration Page

The Annabelle Inn offers a complimentary continental breakfast, lunch will be catered in at the church (Friday & Saturday) and will consist of sandwiches/chips/cookies. Dinner is on your own during the event. There are many wonderful eateries in downtown Aspen, within walking distance from the church and The Annabelle Inn. We will also provide snacks and drinks at the church during the event for a nominal price.

Bring a guitar if you want, (there is a piano at the church for you keyboardists:). Definitely bring either a digital or analog (paper:) pad to take notes (and write new songs while you are here!) Bring along an open mind and open heart, and be in a position to catch inspiration that God will be dropping on you from heaven!

That is up to each attendee! We suggest going out into Gods creation in Aspen and taking a walk. Or perhaps a hike to one of the beautiful mountain lakes nearby (American or Cathedral). Or, maybe write a new song, spend time with a new friend, get alone with God, enjoy downtown Aspen.. The possibilities are endless, but we thought it would be wisdom to provide time for attendees to enjoy the freedom to pursue what interests them. It can’t be all work and no play, right?

Click here to learn more about the InspireSong contest!

InspireSong was off the charts! What a refreshing change from most of the Nashville “Expert” meetings I’ve attended. You clearly brought together some of the most God-loving and simultaneously humble and wanting to serve folks in the music industry. I’m sold.